You are invited to answer one, some or all questions outlined below, and you may attach additional information or documents to support your answers.

  1. What are the three or four values that you would want to underpin our future public health and disability system?
  2. If you imagined the ideal health and disability system for New Zealand in 2030, how would people’s experiences differ from today? 
  3. What system level changes would you recommend to improve equity of health outcomes and wellbeing ?  What impact would you expect these changes to make?
  4. What would make the biggest difference to improving health outcomes for Māori?
  5. What would make the biggest difference to improving health outcomes for Pacific people?
  6. What health and disability system changes would have the most impact on ensuring that disabled people have equal opportunities to achieve their goals and aspirations? 
  7. What initiatives do you believe have delivered improved and equitable health outcomes and wellbeing in New Zealand or overseas?  What impacts have these approaches had and what is their potential to deliver further improvement?
  8. What are the top priorities for system level change that would make the biggest difference to New Zealanders?
  9. Is there anything else you wish to add? 

The online tool for sharing your ideas and feedback will be live from mid January 2019.  If you would like to submit your response before then you are welcome to email us at with your response.

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