We are keen to hear your thoughts on what system level changes could improve the performance of our health and disability system. Our focus is on changes that will have their full impact in 5 to 10 years time and have wide benefits across the system and for communities.

This is the first of two opportunities to submit your views through this on-line process:

  • Phase One (January  May 2019)

    We are seeking your input to ensure the Panel has a good understanding of how the system is working currently and to identify the issues most critical to improving the effectiveness and equity of the system. We are interested in your views on the system level changes which would have the most impact on improving equity of outcomes in the future.

  • Phase Two (August – November 2019)

We will be seeking your feedback on the Interim Report which is due to be completed in August 2019.

Phase One (submissions now closed)

This online process is one mechanism for you to provide input to the Panel. Members of the panel will also continue to meet with representative and peak bodies of a wide range of provider, consumer and other groups throughout the period of the review to ensure we understand the issues from all perspectives. During 2019, we will be sponsoring a range of workshops on issues to encourage people with different perspectives to work together to address the complexities of the issues.

Reference materials

As you think about preparing your response, you may want to refer to some of the follow materials:

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