The Health and Disability System Review was charged with taking a system-wide approach to what needs to change to ensure our future system achieves better and more equitable health and wellbeing outcomes for all New Zealanders.

The final report discusses a range of detailed proposals regarding all the elements that need to change for the New Zealand health and disability system to produce more equitable health outcomes and to become more financially sustainable.

The Final Report is intended to be read as a standalone document. However, there is additional detail in the Interim Report that has not been repeated. The structure of both reports is the same to facilitate reading both as companion documents.

Given the breadth of the Review, it is challenging to bring this together in a succinct document. The Executive Overview provides a high-level view of how the health and disability system should operate in the future and key recommendations for the Government to consider. More detail on the challenges, analysis and recommendations for change are presented in each of the sections of the report.

The recommendations set out in the report are now the remit of Government to determine what happens next.

How to access the report

Accessible versions: Note that the downloadable PDFs are screen-reader compatible, and text in the documents describes the key points in all charts.

Download the final report

You can download the full report, individual chapters and appendices

See the Download the final report page.

Executive overview

We've provided an executive overview of the report which includes:

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