New Zealand Health and Disability System Review

The Minister of Health, Dr David Clark announced a wide-ranging review designed to future-proof our health and disability services and has appointed Ms Heather Simpson as Chair of the review.

The panel will seek independent advice and analysis and engage with DHBs, primary care, health professionals and the public in developing its recommendations.

The review panel will then provide an interim report to the Minister by the end of August 2019 and a final report to the Minister by 31 March 2020.

Message from the Chair

Tēnā koutou,

Nau te rourou naku te rourou kia ora ai e te iwi –
With your basket and my basket the people will thrive.

Welcome to the Health and Disability System Review.  

The Review (refer Terms of Reference) was established in August. Since then we have been gathering initial feedback from a wide range of health and disability sector participants.

This has given us the opportunity to see many examples of the current system working well. However, we have also seen many instances where barriers to access seem insurmountable and where the system is not easy to navigate and is not meeting people’s needs.

The focus of this Review is to ensure that we make recommendations for changes which will improve the equity of outcomes. We are also charged with looking to the future to ensure that the system is able to meet the technological, demographic, workforce and other challenges that will confront the system over the coming years.

We encourage you to provide your views on how our system could be improved – view the Get involved page to find out how.

Naku iti nei
Heather Simpson

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